DNS settings (name servers)

If you find your video playback to be choppy at times, or not running consistently at the highest video quality, one thing we recommend is having your name servers in your computer configuration be changed.

We hear a lot of stories of people whose Internet browsing is vastly improved when they move off of their Internet connection provider's name servers, and on to better name servers.

These name server settings are known as "DNS servers" in your computer's networking setup.

We don't have the room here to fully explain what this is, or or how to change your DNS server(s) settings.  There are plenty of articles available on the Internet to explain DNS settings; here is one:


We recommend using the OpenDNS name servers or the Google name servers.  When you move to these publicly available DNS servers, you will be surprised at how much better your everyday browsing response becomes, which includes the playing of JumpingJack videos.

Don't be afraid to use these DNS servers; they are free, work great, and specifically offered to be used by all of us.

DNS server #1 :
DNS server #2 :

DNS server #1 :
DNS server #2 :

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